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Budget speech to be delivered by Hon. Peggy. O Serame. MP, Minister of Finance 

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Today's Order Paper







1400 – 1445








MR. M. I. MOSWAANE, MP. (FRANCISTOWN WEST): To ask the Minister of Lands and Water Affairs:

(i) when they intend to allocate plots at Gerald Estates which were serviced in 2012;


(ii) to confirm whether the serviced land will be able to yield more than 40 000 plots.






MR. S. N. MOABI, MP. (TATI WEST): To ask the Minister of Defence and Security to state:

(i) how many cases of motor vehicle theft were recorded in the Tati West Constituency since 2015; and


(ii) which points of entry/exit the thieves used to exit Botswana with the vehicles in question and the numbers recovered.




MR. K. K. KAPINGA, MP. (OKAVANGO): To ask the Minister of Lands and Water Affairs whether the concession given to Makgobokgobo Youth Trust in the Okavango area was given to such a trust on behalf of the community and not to a private consortium of youth.



MR. L. LESEDI, MP. (SEROWE SOUTH): To ask the Minister of Defence and Security to update this Honourable House on why the cluster villages of Mogome, Mokgware, Radisele, Mogorosi and Mothamo have not been provided with Special Constables and when his Ministry will deploy Special Constables to the said villages; he should further state:

(i) why the deployment and increase of police presence has not been prioritized in these areas bearing in mind the relative distance between the cluster villages mentioned and the upward increase in crime;


(ii) which villages in the Serowe South Constituency have Special Constables;


(iii) what happened to the two (2) police posts which were promised and supposed to be built in Serowe to respond to the increasing crime in the region; and




MR. M. BALOPI, MP. (GABORONE NORTH): To ask the Minister of Lands and Water Affairs to state progress towards changing the current land tenure system as was pledged in 2019: and

(i) when does Government expect that the new changes will be made and implemented to allow land owners to have owner rights over land and not just user rights; and


(ii) whether the Minister is aware that user rights limit the potential for entrepreneurial activity which may create the much needed jobs for Batswana.




MR. D. L. KEORAPETSE, MP. (SELEBI PHIKWE WEST): To ask the Minister of Health to explain the status of the maternity ward in Selebi Phikwe Hospital and in particular to state and explain:

(i) number of delivery beds, if these are enough, when they were bought and if they are modern with the necessary features;


(ii) privacy situation of mothers delivering babies simultaneously or at very close intervals; and


(iii) how he is addressing the issue.




MR. W. B. MMOLOTSI, MP. (FRANCISTOWN SOUTH): To ask the Minister of Local Government and Rural Development to state:

(i) the number of people on the waiting list for Self Help Housing Agents (SHHA) plots allocation in the City of Francistown; and


(ii) when the last allocation was done and how many people were allocated plots.




MR. G. KEKGONEGILE, MP. (MAUN EAST): To ask the Minister of Transport and Public Works if he is aware of worsening inhabitable conditions of houses accommodating Central Government Public Service workers around the country and to further state:

(i) the number of houses owned by Government and accommodating Central Government workers in the Maun Administrative Authority;

 (ii) the number of houses in good and bad conditions respectively;


(iii) how many of the houses have been reported for maintenance by tenants;




DR. K. GOBOTSWANG, MP. (SEFHARE-RAMOKGONAMI): To ask the Minister of Transport and Public Works to update this Honourable House on the implementation of recommendations from the 2019 Railway Passenger Train Accident as per previous assurances made before the Honourable House.



MR. K. NKAWANA, MP. (SELEBI PHIKWE EAST): To ask the Minister of Transport and Public Works to inform this Honourable House when he intends to fast track or expedite the opening of the Botshabelo Post Office. He should also update this House on whether the same post office shall have convenience rooms to cater for the elderly who usually queue for long hours to relieve their payment at month ends.



MR. O. REGOENG, MP. (MOLEPOLOLE NORTH): To ask the Minister of Finance:

(i) to confirm or deny that a foreign company has been engaged to provide consultancy services at Botswana Unified Revenue Services;

 (ii) if the engagement was a direct appointment or through close or open tender arrangement; if it was through open tender, how many Batswana and Botswana companies expressed interest;


(iii) whether the answer at 1 above is yes, can the Minister state the duration of the contract and the fees attached; and


(iv) if she is aware of some allegations of misconduct and corruption (at the country of origin) involving one of the key directors of the company engaged.




MR. P. P. P. MOATLHODI, MP. (TONOTA): To ask the Minister of Local Government and Rural Development to state the hold up in liaising with the Semotswane/Morale residents regarding their long awaited verdict on their Bogosi matter, given that some COVID-19 regulations have now been relaxed; and further explain why the installation of Kgosi yoo RaKgari at Tonota Village has nottaken place despite Boo-Rakgari having long agreed and submitted the name of their preferred Kgosi.










Media Practitioners’ Association Bill, 2022 (Bill No. 8 of 2022)



An Act to provide for the establishment of the Media Practitioners’ Association and its mandate, for the purpose of preserving the freedom and independence of the media; for the establishment of the Media Practitioners’ Board, its functions and proceedings; for the establishment of the Complaints and Disciplinary Committee and Appeals Committee to adjudicate over breaches of the provisions of the Act; and for matters incidental thereto or connected therewith.

(Published on 21st June, 2022)

(Minister for State President)

(Resumed Debate)




Legal Practitioners Bill, 2022 (Amendment), (Bill No. 9 of 2022)


An Act to provide for the admission, enrolment and practice of legal practitioners in Botswana and matters ancillary thereto.


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